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Webinar: Technical dive into handling 0-day incidents with SOC and EDR

  • 20.01.2021
  • 1 day
CYBERS cybersecurity experts share methodolog­­­y and insights for preparing your security team for 0-day threats. We will be using tools, such as Enpoint Protection, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Security Operations Centre (SOC). This will be a more technical dive with room for technical questions.

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CCSP training and certification

  • 26. - 30.01.2021
  • 5 days
The Official (ISC)² CCSP training provides a comprehensive review of the knowledge required for understanding cloud computing and its information security risks and mitigation strategies. This training course will help students review and refresh their knowledge and identify areas they need to study for the CCSP exam.

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CISSP training and certification

  • 01. - 05.03.2021
  • 5 days
The CISSP is ideal for information security professionals seeking to prove their understanding of cybersecurity strategy and hands-on implementation. It shows you have the advanced knowledge and technical skills to design, develop and manage an organization’s overall security posture.

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Haavatavuse hindamine

Avasta, tuvasta, kategoriseeri ja halda IT-süsteemide haavatatavust ja nõrkusi.


Võrguseisundi turbekontroll

Kindlusta oma ettevõtte küberturvalisus võrguseisundi kontrolliga.


Microsoft 365 turvalisuse monitooring

Kui kindel oled oma pilveteenuste turvalisuses?


Consulting Services

We know how to build an efficient and cost-effective cybersecurity organization and will assist your business to achieve stability, improve viability, and gather customer loyalty and trust.


Managed Security Solutions

CYBERS is the best-in-class managed security service provider offering a wide variety of security services, such as security event monitoring and incident response, managing security devices, continuous vulnerability management, and many more.


Security Solutions Implementation

At CYBERS, we know how important it is to implement proper controls to protect all channels against penetration attempts, in order to avoid security breaches and data compromises.


Security Training and Certification

Along with other services, CYBERS provides trainings and certification programme, that addresses your company needs in order to sustain required knowledge about cybersecurity at all levels.