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We know how to build an efficient and cost-effective cybersecurity organization and will assist your business to achieve stability, improve viability, and gather customer loyalty and trust.

Security operations

CYBERS' Security Operation Center (SOC) is a managed security monitoring service, destined to protect your organization against cyberattacks by enabling 24/7/365 security event monitoring and response to cyberthreats that may impact your organization.

Security Operation Center (SOC) Managed data lake Emergency Security Incident Response (SOS)

Offensive security

The only way to check, how vulnerable your organization is to hackers is by getting some hackers to attack you. Our ethical hackers will help you conduct these tests and provide extensive improvement reports.

Penetration testing Red teaming Public profile reconnaissance Phishing campaign

Security advisory

Cybersecurity is a business risk. Our consultants and auditors will help you assess that risk and work on compliance documentation, as well as risk mitigation roadmaps.

Virtual CISO Managed compliance Security training & hygiene Risk assessment Security assessment Vulnerability Assessment

Security solutions

Having an antivirus and a firewall is not sufficient to withstand a modern cyber-attack. Organized cyber criminals are using a large variety of tools and techniques to compromise the victim's environment.

Security Architecture Microsoft 365 Security

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Cybersecurity as part of defense measures against modern war fighting capabilities

CYBERS in cooperation with Recorded Future will share insights on the ongoing cyber crisis which started several months before the military invasion. This article provides an overview of the current situation, as well as the recommended emergency actions that should be taken by organizations to withstand this cyber conflict.

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Testing and identifying the value of your next cybersecurity solution

The security world is changing rapidly and we are slowly reaching another huge milestone. Not a very happy one though: manual security operations are no longer sufficient. This is a little bit painful to admit but the fact remains: if you rely on the manual labour of CTOs, CISOs and their teams to react to an incident, then you are in for a very rude awakening.

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summit Security Summit 2022

Nordic-Baltic Security Summit presents current cybersecurity insight from experts, practitioners, and visionaries together with examples and analysis. Join with us on 15th of September, 2022 at Kultuurikatel.


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