How a SOC Analyst Saves the Day: Insights into the Cybersecurity Daily Grind

CYBERS 21.12.2023

Welcome to the heart of the cybersecurity world! In the latest episode of CyberCAST, Ronnie Jaanhold and Siim Pajusaar opened the door to the everyday life of a SOC (Security Operations Center) analyst. This position is an integral part of cybersecurity, but for many, the job title raises more questions than answers. This episode dives into the day-to-day life of a SOC analyst and helps understand how they influence the cyber world. Episode is in Estonian but here is a small recap of most important points.

A SOC analyst is like a guardian of the digital world. Their task is to monitor the network traffic of an organization, detect, and respond to security incidents. Siim, who comes from a background of scientific research experience in a different field, describes it as an exciting and dynamic role, where every day offers new challenges and learning opportunities.

The daily routine of a cybersecurity analystThe main keywords for daily work are analysis and discovery. The day begins by checking the system and continues with the analysis of various security incidents. Siim explains that the job involves triaging different cases, where the primary task is to determine whether it’s a real security incident or a false alarm. This is followed by a more thorough analysis to understand the scope and causes of the incident.

The work of a SOC analyst is similar to detective work – small pieces of information must be assembled into a big picture. The job requires constant vigilance and adaptability, as the cybersecurity world is constantly changing, and criminals along with AI are eager to invent new methods of attack.

What skills does a cybersecurity analyst need?

The job is technically complex, and a good analyst juggles several different skills. Firstly, the role requires a thorough understanding of IT infrastructure, operating systems, and network traffic. Siim highlights that it’s also important to continually educate oneself and stay abreast of technology developments – new protocols, vulnerabilities, and security measures are almost daily occurrences.

Secondly, SOC analysts use various tools and technologies, including log file analyzers, security engines, and databases. These tools help them to detect anomalies and monitor the security of the system.

And thirdly, in addition to technical skills, communication skills are essential in the work of a SOC analyst. Day-to-day work involves significant communication with both clients and team members. It is important to be able to communicate effectively and collaborate to ensure the cybersecurity of companies.

I Want to become a SOC Analyst – but how?

The SOC analyst role offers many opportunities for a career and specialization in cybersecurity. Siim talks about how his background in research has given him a unique perspective and skills that are useful in his job.

Siim, having been in the analyst role at CYBERS for a couple of years, shares advice in the show for those who would want to pursue this career. He recommends starting with acquiring a thorough knowledge of IT, following cybersecurity news, and constantly developing one’s skills. He also emphasizes the need to be open to new learning opportunities and adaptable.

The role of a SOC analyst is critical in the world of cybersecurity. It requires extensive technical knowledge, constant self-improvement, and excellent communication skills. Siim Pajusaar’s experience shows that it is important to be curious, willing to learn, and ready for continuous development.

You can listen to the full episode of KübeCAST here, to get an even more comprehensive overview of the work of a SOC analyst and its impact on the cyber world. #S1E26 Kuidas SOC analüütik päästab päeva (in estonian)





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