Strategic Merger Unites CYBERS and NEVERHACK: A New Dawn in cybersecurity

CYBERS 13.05.2024

In this episode of KüberCast, a significant development in the cybersecurity industry was dissected following the strategic merger between CYBERS and NEVERHACK. The CEOs of both companies, Jürgen Erm of CYBERS and Arthur Bataille of NEVERHACK, joined host Ronnie Jaanhold to discuss the implications and prospects of this union. Here we will summarize the main points of that episode.

The genesis of the merger

The merger between CYBERS and NEVERHACK didn’t happen overnight. It resulted from a long-term vision shared by the two CEOs, who first met at a cybersecurity conference in Paris. The realization that their companies shared similar goals and could achieve greater success together sparked the initial discussions. Arthur Bataille noted that both companies were strong in their respective markets but needed a combined force to scale internationally and enhance their service offerings.

One of the key topics discussed was how the merger would benefit their clients and the cybersecurity community. The combined entity is set to leverage the strengths of both companies to offer enhanced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) capabilities, crisis simulation training, and integrated network solutions. Arthur highlighted NEVERHACK’s expertise in organizing cyber training and crisis simulations, which has been bolstered through partnerships with major players.

Jürgen Erm emphasized that CYBERS, known for its strong Security Operation Center (SOC) services, would bring its technological and operational expertise to the merger. This collaboration aims to not only retain the quality of service but also potentially reduce costs for clients by negotiating better terms with vendors and service providers.

Synergies and future vision

The CEOs discussed the synergistic potential of their merger, noting that it would allow them to pool their talents and resources effectively. The integration of CYBERS’ SOC capabilities with NEVERHACK’s training platforms is expected to enhance both the depth and reach of their services. Moreover, the merger is seen as a strategic move to address the talent shortage in cybersecurity by creating a larger, more capable group that can attract and develop top-tier professionals.

The merger positions the new entity to be a formidable player in the global cybersecurity market. By combining their operational strengths and expanding their market reach, they aim to serve a broader spectrum of clients, including major enterprises and governmental agencies. United front will not only improve its competitive edge but also set new standards in cybersecurity solutions.

Looking beyond immediate market impacts, the discussion also touched on the broader implications of the merger for the cybersecurity industry. As digital threats become more sophisticated, the need for advanced defensive measures and international collaboration becomes paramount. The merger between CYBERS and NEVERHACK could serve as a model for future collaborations in the industry, emphasizing the importance of adaptation and proactive defense strategies.


The merger between CYBERS and NEVERHACK marks a significant milestone in the cybersecurity sector, signaling a shift towards more integrated and comprehensive security solutions. As these two companies join forces, their combined expertise and enhanced capabilities are expected to drive innovation and provide superior services to their clients, ultimately contributing to a safer digital world. The insights from the KüberCast special edition shed light on the strategic reasoning behind the merger and its potential to transform the cybersecurity landscape, making it a critical development for stakeholders to watch.

The episode is recorded in English – listen to it here: #035: CYBERS and NEVERHACK merger





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