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Keys that Threaten Your Enterprise Kingdom – Microsoft Windows Domain Takeover

Red-team assessment is recommended, as this type of assessment would show the current company security posture. CYBERS provides expertise and solutions on protecting your environment against these kinds of attacks, so do not hesitate to reach us out!

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Cybersecurity as part of defense measures against modern war fighting capabilities

CYBERS in cooperation with Recorded Future will share insights on the ongoing cyber crisis which started several months before the military invasion. This article provides an overview of the current situation, as well as the recommended emergency actions that should be taken by organizations to withstand this cyber conflict.

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Testing and identifying the value of your next cybersecurity solution

The security world is changing rapidly and we are slowly reaching another huge milestone. Not a very happy one though: manual security operations are no longer sufficient. This is a little bit painful to admit but the fact remains: if you rely on the manual labour of CTOs, CISOs and their teams to react to an incident, then you are in for a very rude awakening.

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Are you at risk from the security vulnerability found in the Java-based Apache Log4j logging feature?

A security hole was discovered in the Java-based Log4j logging feature, affecting millions of businesses, government agencies, and cloud services using this popular Apache library. Are you at risk?

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What are Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming?

People do not understand the difference between a Red Team Assessment, a Penetration Testing, and a Vulnerability Assessment. You need to understand what are Your goals and then choose the best suitable assessment. What are differences? Let’s find out!

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API Enumeration with Kite Runner

Heavy portion of interaction with modern web applications is done through APIs. And while there existed numerous tools for conventional web application enumeration, none were designed to target APIs specifically, until Assetnote release KiteRunner.

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CYBERS brings IoT security to RigaComm IoT conference

Conclusion about Nordic-Baltic Security Summit 2021 – The No 1 cyber security event and meeting of minds for the Nordic-Baltic region.

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