Securing the future: uniting service design and cybersecurity for digital excellence

CYBERS 21.03.2024

Digital innovation has propelled businesses and services to new heights, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth and development. However, this digital advancement also brings new challenges, particularly in terms of security. In the latest episode of KüberCAST, service design and user experience expert Andres Kostiv (Futurist) gave an in-depth overview of how service design and cybersecurity can work together to create safe, customer-centric, and successful digital services. We’ll dive deeper into this topic to understand better how these two critical components interweave in today’s digital solutions.

The Nature and Importance of Service Design

Service design is a process focused on creating and optimizing services, paying special attention to the user experience. It covers every stage of a service, from the initial idea to the final implementation, ensuring that the service meets users’ needs and expectations. Andres emphasized that creating a successful service involves considering not just functionality but also user-friendliness and customer experience. Service design helps businesses understand their customers’ behavior and preferences, which is crucial for providing high-quality and engaging services.

The Critical Role of Cybersecurity

In the digital age, where data breaches and cyberattacks have become daily threats, cybersecurity has become essential. Cyber hygiene – ensuring safety in digital systems – is as important as physical hygiene in our daily lives. Andres Kostiv highlighted that companies must integrate cybersecurity into their service design from the beginning to ensure data protection and user trust. Security shouldn’t be an added layer but an integral part of the service design process.

Customer-centricity in Service Design and Cybersecurity

A customer-centric approach is the link between service design and cybersecurity. Companies must understand their client’s needs and expectations to create services that not only meet these needs but also provide a sense of security. Customers expect their data to be handled with care and respect, and companies that can meet these expectations gain their loyalty. This means finding the right balance between security and user-friendliness to ensure the service’s success.

Practical Steps for Integrating Service Design and Cybersecurity

The episode shared several practical recommendations on how companies can effectively integrate service design and cybersecurity into their digital solutions:

  • Early Involvement: Cybersecurity experts should be involved in the early phases of the service design process to ensure security aspects are considered at every stage.
  • Adopting the Customer’s Perspective: Understand your customer’s behavior, needs, and expectations. This helps create services that not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations (e.g., in terms of security).
  • Balancing Security and User-friendliness: Find ways to make security user-friendly. For example, simplify authentication processes without compromising security.
  • Continuous Testing and Feedback: Continuously test your services for both user-friendliness and security. Also, be open to customer feedback to improve and adapt your services according to their needs.
  • Awareness Raising and Training: Raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity among your team and provide regular training to ensure best practices and procedures are well-known and understood.

The Future: Service Design and Cybersecurity Hand in Hand

The future of digital services increasingly depends on the symbiosis of service design and cybersecurity. Companies that can successfully integrate these two critical components are better positioned to achieve success in the market. The thoughts of Andres Kostiv from the KüberCAST episode provide an essential foundation for understanding how to design secure, customer-centric, and competitive digital services.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, service design and cybersecurity have become inseparable parts of creating successful solutions. These two areas should not work in isolation but intertwine to create safe, user-friendly, and customer-centric services. In designing digital services, it is always necessary to consider both design and security to ensure the service’s success and customer satisfaction.


The KüberCAST episode with Andres Kostiv opened the door to the world of combining service design and cybersecurity, offering valuable insights and advice on how to successfully integrate these two critical components. The future of digital solutions depends on the symbiosis of service design and cybersecurity, ensuring secure, user-friendly, and customer-centric services. Companies that understand and apply these principles are ready to meet today’s and tomorrow’s digital challenges.

The episode is recorded in Estonian – listen to it here: #032: Securing Through Service Design – Why and How?

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