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Phishing campaign

Phishing Campaign service provides ability to imitate real phishing campaigns with different levels and types of phishing emails to measure company’s human aspect’s security awareness and provide necessary information to improve it.

Emails are a vital part of modern business day-to-day functionality. They have direct interaction with what has been referred to as the weakest security link nowadays, humans.

Phishing is the most common and most successful type of attack vector. Malicious actors lure employees to disclose sensitive data, steal credentials or deliver malicious payload to company premises.

Even though there exist email security hardening tools, i.e., email gateways, policies, they cannot fully mitigate the security gap, especially with unknown pattern methodologies.

As a result, some phishing emails may get through the controls and be delivered to end user mailbox. It is crucial for businesses that their employees are security aware, can recognize phishing or social engineering attempts and react accordingly.

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