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CYBERS is the best-in-class and highly matured managed security service provider (MSSP) offering a wide variety of security services, such as security event monitoring and incident response, managing security devices, continuous vulnerability management, and many more.

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Why join us

CYBERS wouldn’t be here without our people.

Our team is multicultural and people with all kinds of expertise, always possibility to learn something from each other.

Office dogs! Paid time off! Competitive salary and excellent qualifications! Freedom to work flexible hours and find a good balance between work, family and hobbies!


  • Supportive training
  • Excellent peers
  • International and regional conferences and training
  • Excellent mentors
  • Varied work
Why join us

Open positions

Penetration tester

We are seeking a Cyber Security penetration tester and red-team member to join our Offensive Security team and help Customers to improve their business viability through continuous security testing.


Can´t find a job that fits your profile?

We’re always looking for new talent! Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile at jobs@cybers.eu.

A few more reasons to come work with us

What our employees are saying

Some might say that my job is boring. Looking at the security reports all day and trying to make sense of them. But I see it differently. Our security operations centre team is on a hunt. We hunt for signs of incoming cyber-attacks and malware. And when we find one, we kill it and go home knowing that we have just saved a company and thousands of people from becoming ransomware victims.

Siim The Security Analyst

When I started studying cybersecurity, I thought it was all about technology. But it’s about people, risks and processes. It’s incredible just how many cybersecurity tragedies could’ve been avoided just by taking a long hard look at the business processes. Now, as a certified lead ISO27001 auditor, me and my team help companies analyze cybersecurity risks, find gaps and create roadmaps for fixing them.

Marje The Risk & Compliance Guru

Antivirus is stupid. Firewall is useless. Email security is underutilized. But if you make them all just a little smarter and teach them to work together, with help of a SIEM and other tools, they suddenly start doing what they are supposed to. I’m a conductor of a cybersecurity technology orchestra and SOAR is my stick. I also like drawing diagrams.

Kaupo The Security Engineer

There are hundreds of cybersecurity technologies and services out there. In sales we help customers mix and match different security tools and CYBERS services to get the best protection they can for their priorities. From 10 person start-ups to global enterprises with 10s of thousands, we help everyone get their security done right. Getting to know them all is a treat.

Katrin The Business Development Specialist

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CYBERS is nice place, where to work!