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Security Architecture

We know how to build an efficient and cost-effective cybersecurity organization and will assist your business to achieve stability, improve viability, and gather customer loyalty and trust.

We offer following security architecture and design services:  

  • Organization (enterprise) Security Architecture – developing security architecture based on organizational needs and security strategy in order to guide the HOW part. Security architecture combines security principles, best practices, security capabilities and patterns into a unified layer to address required security controls within multiple domains and areas.  
  • Security Capabilities Logical Architecture – often referred to as security reference architectures. It represents logical and vendor agnostic solution or integrated solutions design with a list of requirements on functions and features, in order to perform certain security control(s). 
  • Security Solution Designs – designing particular security solution based on requirements and selecting vendor offerings to fulfil those requirements. Solution design involves requirements collection from key stakeholders (e.g. business, architecture, operations) and documenting high level and low level (component) designs.  

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CYBERS provides a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services, which can be mixed and matched according to your organization’s needs.