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Emergency Security Incident Response

Do you know how to act in case you have been hacked? Are you able to restore your systems after a security incident? Should you pay ransom demand to cyber criminals in case if you have been hit by a ransomware?

These and many other time-critical questions are the ones which unfortunately pop-up during a cyber security incident. Finding correct answers on them is crucial to avoid severe business damage and restore normal operations before it is too late. When you’ve been hit by a cyber attack your biggest enemy is time and you need to react fast.

In a crisis like this is extremely important to reply on a partner, who has skills and knowledge to handle the situation in a timely manner. With CYBERS Emergency Computer Security Incident Response service you get an experienced team of cybersecurity responders right when you need them the most!

CYBERS provides end-to-end service to help you solve the toughest cyber-attacks with optimal results and make sure that this doesn’t happen again. We offer both on-demand and pre-paid service. Second option guarantees 4-hours reaction time.