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Security Solutions Implementation

At CYBERS, we know how important it is to implement proper controls to protect all channels against penetration attempts, in order to avoid security breaches and data compromises.


In the era of digital transformation and innovations, it is becoming crucial for all organizations around the globe to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and information.

  • Business value and benefits:
    • Mitigate monetary risks related to cybercriminal and malicious activities.
    • Fulfil compliance requirements and avoid regulatory fines.
    • Protect your intellectual property, commercial secrets, and valuable assets against data breaches. 9 Gain trust and provide assurance to your clients, partners, and stakeholders.
    • Grow your revenue, while keeping your data and assets safe and protected.
  • Protect your assets and data, regardless where they reside – on-premises, in cloud, or in combination of both (hybrid cloud), by implementing cybersecurity capabilities:
    • Network Security
    • Data Protection
    • Endpoint Security
    • Cloud Security


Proactive cybersecurity operations and an effective incident response plan are the key success criteria for security organizations around the globe to prove their efficiency and ability to protect their business.

  • Business value and benefits:
    • Significant risk reduction related to cybercriminal activity with continuous monitoring.
    • Proactive and adoptable security incident response to rapidly changing threat landscape.
    • Improved utilization of existing resources by automating simple and repetitive tasks.
    • Alignment of cyberdefence tactics and procedures with business strategy and goals.
    • Avoidance of consequences of failing to comply with industry standards and regulations.
  • Solutions for security operations, monitoring, and detection:
    • Security Information and Event Management
    • Threat Intelligence Platform
    • Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response
    • Security Incident Response Platform
    • Vulnerability Management and Configuration Compliance z Computer Forensics
    • User and Entity Behaviour Analysis


Strong and effective application security strategy is the key success criteria to gain customer loyalty and achieve business stability. Weaponize your business against cybercriminals and protect your customers by implementing enterprise-grade application security capabilities.

  • Business value and benefits:
    • Ensure fast time to market for business applications delivery without compromising security 9 Grow the revenue and expand your business by gaining customer trust and service reliability 9 Establish an efficient application security strategy to protect your business and customers
    • Improve your defense capabilities and increase the resistance to advanced cyberattacks
    • Achieve compliance with industry standards and meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Solutions for application security:
    • Code Security Assessment
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Real Time Application Security
    • API Secure Gateway
    • Interactive Application Security Testing

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