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Risto Siilasmaa

New Technologies Shaping the World and the Growing Role of Cyber Security

Aleksei Zjabkin

How to Assemble an Effective Security Toolkit for 2022 and Beyond

Margus Krupp
Martti Kebbinau

5G & security – How Do I Secure My Business in 5G Era?

Kalev Noor
Teppo Halonen

How Tallink Is Handling Cyber Threats With the Vectra NDR Platform?

Janek Rozov

Does a Development of the User-Friendly Services Secure by Design?

Éireann Leverett

Security Is Mostly a Superstition

Arnold Sinisalu

KAPO in the Cyber Security Landscape

Keynote Panel

Panel Discussion: Business and Cybersecurity – How Do They Mix?

Keynote panel

Keynote Panel: The Post Pandemic World of Democracy, Internet and Cyber Security

Siim Sarv
Kaupo Kiilaspää

Blue Teamer’s Blue Monday. First Day on the Job. How to Survive?

Giorgi Sharia
Kaspar Jüristo

Deep Dive Into The Most Severe 2021 Vulnerability – ProxyLogon

Jamie Bartlett

The Dark Net and Deep Fake in Cyber Crime and What We Can Do About It

Jukka Nokso-Koivisto

How to Control Your Data in Hybrid and Public Cloud Environments

Marje Salumets

5 Tips for More Secure Startup Business


Ed Baker

Securing A New Normal

Ramsés Gallego

Reimagine Cyber Resiliency

Michael Ciemiega
Bartosz Kryński

New Digital World – Why Shall We Redefine Our Security Strategies to Protect It?

Yakov Shipilov
Fedor Malykh

How to Start a Bug Bounty Program and Not Shoot Yourself in the Leg

Karel Kannel

Protection From Ransomware With Modern Backup Solutions


Photos by Joanna Jõhvikas