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Security Operation Center

CYBERS’ Security Operation Center (SOC) is a managed security monitoring service, destined to protect your organization against cyberattacks by enabling 24/7/365 security event monitoring and response to cyberthreats that may impact your organization.

CYBERS provides world-leading security monitoring and early warning services for our customers and enables you to gain visibility and control over cyberthreats in your environment.

CYBERS’ SOC will detect a security breach related to your servers, workstations, in-house and cloud environment assets by collecting and analyzing system information events. CYBERS is capable of detecting abnormal user and entity behaviors, malicious software, and many other security events, and provide incident response actions, such as threat containment and remediation. 

CYBERS offers a comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring and incident response solution. It is equipped with leading security experts, cutting-edge technologies, and well-developed processes to detect, analyze, and respond to threats targeting your organization.


CYBERS SOC is capable to deal with:

Malware & Ransomware

E-mail phishing

Credentials compromise

Web attacks & DDos

Sensitive data leakage

What you will get:

24/7 security monitoring

Platform maintenance

Threat hunting

Vulnerability management

Alert fine tuning

Threat intelligence

Incident response

Reporting & measurement

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