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Managed data lake

Basic Log Management service is a good starting point to start managing what happens to your logs. Since taking care of your logs, storing and processing them appropriately can give benefits security wise and in addition makes sure that your business is compliant for some part of regulations that mandate logging.

basic log management benefits

Why Basic Log Management?

Establishing Basic Level log collection and management foundation for security. Collection of logs can be used in numerous ways to solve business, security and compliance use cases. In addition, it gives sufficient experience and overview of what log management and what it needed from an organization to have a SIEM platform. Using cost efficient solution is viable path in understanding the value of log management and possibly SIEM in the long term. When comparing this solution to a full blown commercial SIEM deployment it is easier to begin with and does not require that much investment to employee knowledge nor funds for expensive licenses. The experience from this project can be used in the future logging related projects  

What are main benefits?

  • Can be tailored to fit customer infrastructure size and business.
  • More cost effective when comparing commercial SIEM projects.
  • Can be used to adhere to compliance requirements.
  • Pre Work Activities bring additional visibility of how systems are set up.
  • Possibility to track a wide range of use-cases.

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