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API Enumeration with Kite Runner

Throughout the years web applications and their design have changed. World shifted from having static pages on the server for requested path, to each path leading to a piece of code. Heavy portion of interaction with modern web applications is done through APIs. And while there existed numerous tools for conventional web application enumeration, none were designed to target APIs specifically, until Assetnote release KiteRunner.
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New kids on the block: Meet e-CSIRT !

eCSIRT – Emergency Computer Security Incident Response Team is a group of specialists who work on solving these types of problems. They will join forces with your organization and bring skills, knowledge, tools, and experience to the table to solve the incident.
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Move great people around the Planet while keeping their data safe

“Blues” like to work with protecting infrastructure and business cases they might have never seen before. “Red” penetration testers enjoy getting their teeth into new frameworks and boy do they enjoy trying social engineering on young ambitious people (probably too much as well). It was a great pleasure to have Ronald Hindriks, Co-founder and Ops leader of Jobbatical, join me for a fireside chat about security and start-up challenges.
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