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Move great people around the Planet while keeping their data safe

“Blues” like to work with protecting infrastructure and business cases they might have never seen before. “Red” penetration testers enjoy getting their teeth into new frameworks and boy do they enjoy trying social engineering on young ambitious people (probably too much as well). It was a great pleasure to have Ronald Hindriks, Co-founder and Ops leader of Jobbatical, join me for a fireside chat about security and start-up challenges.
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Äripäev DDoS attack – our initial comments and tips

Earlier today, one of Estonia’s leading media portals Äripäev/Деловые ведомости (Part of Bonnier Group) got hit by a malicious DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Unfortunately, we see more and more of these attacks and there is little which can be done to prevent them. We have asked our colleague, Vladimir Jelov to share some insights and tips in not-so-technical terms. As of the time of writing, Cybers comments are based on publicly available information.
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