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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment, sometimes referred to as a vulnerability scan is an activity which helps to detect, identify, categorize, and manage vulnerabilities and weaknesses in IT systems. These include lacking patches, unsecure configurations, end of life software or hardware detection and other possible missing security related updates. To protect data, you must gain visibility where your systems are most vulnerable. 

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Thinking about vulnerability assessment?

You have a task to improve your organization’s security posture? “Make us more secure” is the general idea. Unfortunately, security is not something you can order from a store in a box, it is not a product. It is a journey, but where to start? How to get that initial visibility?

The 3 fundamental things to get in order when you are making first steps:

  • Inventory of hardware used in the organization.
  • Inventory of software used in the organization.
  • Continuous vulnerability management in the organization.

Why these steps?

The first two points help to answer the question of what is on the network. Third one helps to outline problems with themVulnerability management is an end to-end-process that takes time to build. Vulnerability assessment is one part of continuous vulnerability management. Vulnerability assessment is a good starting point because it is fast, reliable, inexpensive and highlights current pain points and ideas to plan next activities. 

What is solution?

CYBERS has the knowledge, specialists, and tools available to offer vulnerability assessment to our customers. It covers different assets, both on operation system and software level. CYBERS uses Tenable™ Nessus Pro to perform the assessment. Our team is experienced and conducted many assessments over the years in different organizations with complex IT environments. 

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