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Protecting company business and clients from evolving cybersecurity threats might be a non-trivial and complex task to complete.

  • Highly skilled competence – experienced and certified CISO, who is backed up by experts and peers supporting him. Security program concept is developed using input from multiple experts, less risky for organization to fail or swing in a wrong direction 
  • Resource savings – CISO as a service model is cost-saving compared to hiring a full-time employee, who needs to be trained and might leave unexpectedly 
  • Measurable service – projects and initiatives are agreed upon when setting the security goals of the organization. The progress of the security program can be traced and is transparent in its nature. 
  • Low risks – the service is not strictly tied to one particular person and not prone to the person’s availability. No “irreplaceable” person within the organization.

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CYBERS provides a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services, which can be mixed and matched according to your organization’s needs.