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Cyber Security Assessment

Have you ever thought how well your company is protected against cyber threats? Do you know how effective your security measures really are to protect your business against cyber-attacks?

Are there any issues in organizational defense capabilities that can be used by malicious actors? To reduce a risk of a cyberbreach, organizations must carefully evaluate their overall cybersecurity posture, identify gaps and weaknesses, and address them in a timely manner before they have been used by adversaries.

CYBERS understands the complexity and importance of such activity and has a proper knowledge and experience to provide a holistic view on organizations security maturity by evaluating every aspect of an organization that may have an impact on the overall posture.

A comprehensive approach to evaluate organization cyber security posture. Destined to uncover true level of organization cyber defense capability, it consists of on paper and practical examination activities in a form of interviews and hands-on exercises. The main purpose of the engagement is to provide Customer with a thorough report  regarding company cyber security posture, illustrating gaps and deviations from best practices identified during the engagement process. In addition to a gap analysis, Customer will be provided with a list of recommendations for gaps mitigation, which will be used to propose company cyber security strategy and mitigation roadmap.