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Are you at risk from the security vulnerability found in the Java-based Apache Log4j logging feature?

A security hole was discovered in the Java-based Log4j logging feature, affecting millions of businesses, government agencies, and cloud services using this popular Apache library. Are you at risk?

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What are Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming?

People do not understand the difference between a Red Team Assessment, a Penetration Testing, and a Vulnerability Assessment. You need to understand what are Your goals and then choose the best suitable assessment. What are differences? Let’s find out!

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Server-side Request Forgery – Open door to Your internal services

Server-side request forgery aka SSRF, is a vulnerability that enables an attacker to use a vulnerable server as a proxy to make HTTP requests on behalf of the attacker. SSRF are regularly used to target internal services that are behind firewall and not exposed to the public directly.

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