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Conference Summary: Nordic-Baltic Security Summit 2021

Conclusion about Nordic-Baltic Security Summit 2021 – The No 1 cyber security event and meeting of minds for the Nordic-Baltic region.

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10 fresh tips from Security Summit: Your Cybersecurity 2021

Following this year’s cybersecurity summit we’ve run a small poll with our speakers to squeeze a few more drops of wisdom out them. We were half-expecting everyone to be saying the same things but to our surprise, there was a huge variety of thoughts.

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How to organize a security conference in COVID times

Planning an international conference with tens of speakers and hundreds of guests is difficult. Planning one in a World with a deadly pandemic ranging outside makes it even more… challenging. Here is how it went for us and some tips along the way.

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10 Reasons For Taking Part In The Security Summit

It’s official: there is less than a month left until 2020 Security Summit. If you still haven’t secured your ticket – here are 10 reasons why you should. There are, of course, more than 10 but we wanted to keep the list short. Also, a gift of cyber security conference attendance is great for karma.

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