Conference Summary: Nordic-Baltic Security Summit 2021

CYBERS 04.10.2021

It’s hard to believe but an event, which started as an exclusive security gathering for our customers 12 years ago, has become one of the biggest cybersecurity hot spots in our region.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Over 400 live attendees
  • Over 300 virtual registrations
  • 20+ speakers
  • 20+ exhibitors
  • 30% growth of NPS

This year we had co-host!

Also, for the first time, CYBERS agreed to have a co-host for the event. We have been occasionally working with Telia on projects, where they were providing the customer with network infrastructure, and we helped beef up the security. But this year marks a new level to our cooperation, as Telia, a leading provider of telecommunication and infrastructure services decided to step up the security. One of the main drivers – is the concerns of their customers, who want to ensure the security of their operations.

Thank You to all our partners!

But, of course, Telia was not the only partner joining us for the event. The line-up included some of the best technology providers and influencers in our region:

  • Vectra.AI presented the strong business case behind implementing an NDR platform to take network security to the next level.
  • Proact joined in to talk about the acute need of deploying meaningful backup solutions as means of mitigating ransomware attacks.
  • Paxful shared their hands-on experience with running a powerful and transparent bug-bounty program.
  • TrendMicro gave a pilot’s view of running an efficient XDR platform for handling incidents
  • Former President Toomas Hendrik Ilves joined in to ponder the relationship between democracy and cyber-security.

There were many more and we are extremely grateful to everyone, who found time to join the event.

As usually, CYBERS took the opportunity to share our own experience and latest tips from the frontlines of cyber-war:

  • We gave a good shake-up to the “traditional” cybersecurity toolkit and tips on what needs to be there
  • Our hackers gave a live demo of running some of the most nefarious Microsoft Exchange exploits
  • Security Operations Centre team shared insights on typical errors and quick wins for a SOC team
  • Start-ups got some extra love with insights from our compliance and start-up advisory guru

All in all, this was a great event, but the most attractive part of it (according to both talks and the feedback) was the people. Nearly half of those who answered the survey mentioned communication with peers, as the most important part of the event. And it makes sense: this was one of the best gatherings of security experts, researchers and executives in a while.

CYBERS team is extremely grateful to everyone involved and happy to announce that the next Nordic-Baltic Security Summit will take place on the 15th of September 2022.

Good idea for speakers?
Some recommendations for agenda?
Let us know!

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