How to get started with personal cyber defense?

CYBERS 22.01.2024

This blog post is inspired by our recent KüberCAST podcast. Hosts Ronnie Jaanhold and Siim Pajusaar were joined by guest Kaspar Jüristo. This episode offers invaluable knowledge for every digital citizen who wishes to understand and improve their personal cybersecurity. Kaspar Jüristo, the team leader of CYBERS’ offensive unit, joined the hosts to discuss how each of us can protect our digital identity and assets. His more than fourteen years of experience in the field of information security and specialization in offensive cybersecurity provides a unique perspective from which we all can learn.

Awareness Comes First

We are all digital citizens living in a constantly changing digital world. Cyber threats, such as data loss, loss of reliability, or even loss of material assets, are real and must be taken seriously. Even improper use of a digital signature can lead to a drastically changed life.

Kaspar shares that starting personal cyber defense should focus on raising awareness and preventive measures. He highlights that cybercriminals do not discriminate – they target both large companies and individuals. He dispels the myth that cybercriminals are only interested in large organizations, explaining that individual users are often more vulnerable and easier targets.

The most common threats are phishing attacks, identity theft, and ransomware attacks. However, there is also an increasing trend in social media attacks and data breaches.

Practical Advice and Strategies

Kaspar shares several practical tips that every digital citizen should follow:

  • Raising Awareness: Regularly discuss and share information about the latest scams and safety advice.
  • Privacy Settings Review: Regularly check your social media and other digital accounts’ privacy settings.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Use a second layer of security in addition to your password.
  • Updated Devices: Keep your devices and software up-to-date to avoid security flaws.
  • Secure Login: Use password managers and avoid using the same password across multiple platforms.
  • Start using Passkeys: More secure, more convenient and quicker authentication method.

In the future, individuals can expect even more complex cyber threats, where the misuse of AI and machine learning technologies could make attacks even more sophisticated. Therefore, it is crucial to continually educate oneself and be aware of the latest security practices.

The latest episode of KüberCAST featuring Kaspar Jüristo is a must-listen for anyone wanting to understand and improve their digital security. Listen to the episode in Estonian here: #S2E28: How to Start Personal Cyber Protection?





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