Exploring the Data Frontier: A Dive into Elastic Technology

CYBERS 07.12.2023

In this 25th edition of the KüberCAST podcast, we delve into intriguing topics surrounding future trends and the impact of technology on our daily lives. Join Ronnie and Siim as they explore the fascinating world of Elastic Technology and its influence on our data-driven existence. Fresh from his visit to the ElasticON community event in Amsterdam, Ronnie shares new insights and experiences, shedding light on the role Elastic plays in managing vast data volumes.

Amsterdam Chronicles: Tulips, Tech, and Elastic Wonders

Ronnie kicks off the episode by recounting his recent adventure in Amsterdam at ElasticON. The hosts immediately delve into reflections on the accelerating changes in the technological landscape. “The speed of change has never been this fast. It’s not slowing down anytime soon.” This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the current era. Alongside the pace of change comes the surge in data production. Ronnie highlights that about two decades ago, people generated around 180 megabytes of data per day. Today, this data volume has exponentially increased (approximately 2GB per person every day), presenting the challenge of efficiently harnessing this information.

Throughout this discussion, the word “Elastic” intertwines with the narrative. While it may initially conjure images of a stretchy rubber band, Elastic is much more. Elastic is the force that flexibly manages and analyzes these colossal data sets, acting as a beacon guiding us through the information landscape.

Elastic: Beyond the Stretch

What makes Elastic so special? Accessibility is a key factor. Ronnie emphasizes that Elastic is free to use, encouraging learners to dive in with the help of community guides and YouTube tutorials. Siim suggests a hands-on approach, such as sending your computer logs (whether Windows, Mac, or Linux) to Elastic and observing the system’s response. For more complex scenarios, seeking assistance from a specialist might be advisable.

The Elastic platform comprises three core components:

  1. Logstash: An open-source data processing container that collects, transforms, and sends data where needed.
  2. Elasticsearch: A distributed search and analytics engine that stores data, performs lightning-fast searches, and refines information, offering easily scalable analytical capabilities.
  3. Kibana: Assisting in visualizing data and conducting analyses, ranging from classic threat analysis and log inspection to application monitoring.

Making Sense of the Data Universe with Elastic

Data-driven decisions, analyses, and trends are crucial for improving cybersecurity, enhancing user experience, and boosting sales. Elastic proves to be a valuable ally in these endeavors. Simply put, through its plugins and tools, Elastic allows users to collect diverse logs, and its solution efficiently indexes and processes this data to provide immediate answers to pressing questions.


In the episode, you’ll also hear about more serious and humorous anecdotes, such as the connection between data and oil, Ronnie’s “old man” moment (hint: ES|QL), and why shouting at a hard drive might not be the best idea. The hosts briefly touch upon the world of AI, not from the traditional ChatCPT perspective but from the viewpoint of General AI (GAI). By combining GAI with your own data, the podcast hints at the emergence of context-based AI in the future – a topic to be explored further in upcoming episodes with Elastic experts.

Until you delve deeper into Elastic solutions or attend ElasticON, you can listen to the podcast (in Estonian – #25 ElasticON) or just let us know, if you’re intrested in more info!


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