CYBERS brings IoT security to RigaComm IoT conference

CYBERS 05.10.2021

As we are steaming forward on our digitalization journey, security is quite often left behind. Why would you care, if your TV has an antivirus? What does it matter, who has access to your smart-fridge? Who cares about the security of your SCADA server… wait, what?

Every device, which is connected to the Internet has the potential to become a backdoor for cyber-criminals to gain access to your core network and systems. To make matters worse, the creators of those IoT (and OT) devices often feel the same way, e.g. ignore security and hope for better.

Unfortunately, this kind of approach to security is a huge misstep and has been a proven case study for disasters. Operational Technology (OT) has been a focus of the so-called supply-chain attacks, where 1 target is compromised, leading to a forest-fire like cyber infections to multiple organizations. Internet of Things (IoT) attacks have been a part of a powerful combo (alongside spear phishing) to target C-level managers of companies to gain privileged access.

This is why CYBERS is excited to be a part of the most prominent IoT conference and trade show this October. Our Head of Sales, Vladimir Jelov, will share some of the war stories regarding IoT/OT security, as well as tips for ensuring that devices, which are a natural part of your environment, don’t become a security risk on the main stage.

Feel free to talk about cybersecurity and IoT. After all, CYBERS is the leading cybersecurity services provider with a portfolio of services, such as penetration testing, SOC, red-teaming, ISO27001, and many more. Our team will also have the latest news about potential discounts from our technology partners, such as Vectra, Crowdstrike, IBM, McAfee, Recorded Future, and many more.

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