Cyber threat intelligence – your headlights on the internet 

CYBERS 13.02.2023

What does threat intelligence mean and is it the weather forecast for internet? What is a cyber threat intelligence (CTI)? Adrian Porcescu from Recorded Future (Director of Product Management, Threat Intelligence) will explain everything with KüberCAST hosts Ronnie Jaanhold and Siim Pajusaar. 

During OpSec minutes you will find out why CISOs should pay more attention to brand impersonations where attacker is impersonating various elements an organization.  

According to Adrian Porcescu we should know what intelligence is before we can talk about threat intelligence. Therefore, intelligence is both process and a product whereas threat intelligence is analyzed data about threat or adversary that is relevant for certain organization.  

Threat intelligence can be categorized in three ways – tactical, operational, and strategic. Tactical threat intelligence is about elements on a short period of time, whereas operational is more like knowing who the bad ones are who might be harmful for the organization. To find the “bad guys”, their activities should be monitored and even infiltrating into some of these groups might be an option. Strategical point of view could be watched from a victim’s perspective – knowing the threat, their operational pattern and making a strategical decision based on these learnings. 

There are different types of threat intelligence cases but this time there will be a bit more focus on credential leaks that can also be referred as an identity leak where information is gathered and exploited further. The biggest reminder here is to never use the same password in multiple environments, turn on your multi-factor authentication and log off when you have finished your session. Second focus point is about Telegram chats that can even be compared to dark web forums. In those chats people are often planning activities with malicious DDoS intent. Those sorts of chats can also be utilized as gathering points for threat intelligence. 

Listen the deep discussion regarding cyber threat intelligence HERE. 


What is CTI (Cyber Threat Intellligence) 

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