10 Reasons For Taking Part In The Security Summit

CYBERS 13.08.2020

Over a decade ago, we have realized a simple thing: cybersecurity is not only about technology. It’s about people. The ones, whose mission is to protect their companies and families from the growing amount of cyber threats.

However, to find out about the best practices and ways to defend, we need to constantly learn and preferably – from other people. Which is why we are happy to announce that our 11th Security Summit is going to place in Tallinn on the 8th of September.

If you are still not convinced about being a part of the most insightful cybersecurity event in the Nordics, here are some of the many reasons you should come. Tickets are running out, so hurry.

1. Estonia is COVID-aware and relatively safe

Yes, we happen to be one of the “safest” destinations in the EU and the World. If there is a place you can “safely” go to a conference – this is it. Unfortunately, we are not sure, how long this situation will last, so better use the opportunity.

2. The cybersecurity landscape is changing

Attacks have become more elaborate and the only way to find out about them is to talk to people on the receiving end. Companies generally don’t brag on Twitter about being spear phished or hacked. But our red-teaming unit says that they spend more time learning psychology than Python because phishing is more effective than hacking.

3. Cloud’s popularity is growing but so are the risks

Whether it’s your sales team’s CRM or Office 365 SharePoint document storage, security is crucial. Every new cloud solution in use may be a cause for a breach and an access management disaster. We have several sessions focused on cloud security by the best experts in the cloud security business.

4. Louis Zezeran is still seriously funny and will moderate the day

Born in Australia, Louis moved to Estonia (crazy, right?), and is one of the best entertainers in Nordics. He also happens to have a degree in Computer Science, so a man to our liking by all accounts.

5. Best security solution vendors will share their tips and practices

There are over 20 and still counting. The list of partners for this year’s event will give you enough food for thought and a solid overview on relevant ITsec solutions. Some will share their customer stories, others – have a booth on-site to give you a free consultation.

6. Learn from the digitaliest government in the World (Estonian)

It is hard to be a “digital nation”. What’s even harder is to lead government teams responsible for keeping Estonian digital society safe. This year, the Summit will be honoured by a visit and a panel talk by Estonia’s Chief National Cyber Risk Officer Liisa Past, as well as Head of Information Security Department at IT and Development Centre at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior Uko Valtenberg.

7. Cybers team will be there for a chat and the latest cybersecurity gossip

Many of our brightest security people are quite… introverted. But this event is the one time of the year when they are open for a talk (especially during the grand reception in the evening). Need tips for building a security operations centre (SOC) in your office backroom? Forecast on the future of data leakage prevention (DLP)? You can ask them!

8. It wouldn’t be a regional event without international guests

Our list of speakers and participants is not limited to Estonia – most of our amazing neighbour-countries sent their best security people. If you want to know about the impact of GDPR in Finland or Poland – this is your chance to discuss it with someone from there.

9. Over 300 other security experts

Our summit has become the must-attend event for cybersecurity. And most of the people are here to both learn and share. Whether a seasoned cybersecurity professional or a beginner – everyone is likely to add their bit into our common pool of security knowledge.

10. If you are looking to beef-up your IT security then this is the place for insights

Still googling for Gartner magic quadrant security information and event management? Maybe some other security technology? There is a better way. We’ll have almost half of large vendors or their distributors under one roof. You can grill them about logs per second, professional services, pricing and whatever your heart desires live for 12 hours!

We are still adding more speakers and partners to our 3 simultaneous tracks and exhibition area. So, stay tuned for updates and visit Summit’s website cybers.eu/security-summit for the latest agenda.

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