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MCF Group improves the data centre team’s security awareness with a dedicated cybersecurity hygiene training

Periodic password change – an extra layer of security or just a burden to your employees?

For a long time, a good password policy has had 3 key factors: strong passwords, periodic change of passwords, and activation of Multifactor Authentication. Nowadays the value of periodic password change is questionable and many organizations, like NIST and Microsoft, find this obsolete and worthless.

10 fresh tips from Security Summit: Your Cybersecurity 2021

Following this year’s cybersecurity summit we’ve run a small poll with our speakers to squeeze a few more drops of wisdom out them. We were half-expecting everyone to be saying the same things but to our surprise, there was a huge variety of thoughts.

How to organize a security conference in COVID times

Planning an international conference with tens of speakers and hundreds of guests is difficult. Planning one in a World with a deadly pandemic ranging outside makes it even more… challenging. Here is how it went for us and some tips along the way.

Quick dive into the technology behind your SOC

Security Operations Centre is a great concept but also, notoriously difficult to implement. In this article we begin unwrapping the complexity of SOC, starting with technology. Spoiler: Technology is an easy step.

10 Reasons For Taking Part In The Security Summit

It’s official: there is less than a month left until 2020 Security Summit. If you still haven’t secured your ticket – here are 10 reasons why you should. There are, of course, more than 10 but we wanted to keep the list short. Also, a gift of cyber security conference attendance is great for karma.

How to cure your cyber security pain with a SOC?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of considering running Security Operations Center (SOC) or sourcing one (SOCaaS) it’s important to understand why organizations may need one and why - now. Also, your CFO or whoever controls the money will raise that question before anything else.

Cybersecurity hygiene and COVID19 consequences for your business

During the last weeks of emergency situation due to a COVID19, Estonia as well as all other counties are experiencing a significant impact on their population’s daily lifestyle, schedule, and routines.